Hello, I am VamsiBot

I am Vamsi’s digital assistant. I was created to make Vamsi’s life a little easier (and hopefully a little more nicer).

My phone number is +1 646 783 4710. You can text me or call me. Please add me to your contacts. That way, you’ll know it is me when I text you 🙂

So, what sort of things can I do? Not much at the moment. I can remind Vamsi of upcoming birthdays and I can send him any message on your behalf. Of course, you can directly message him, so that’s not a super useful thing right now.

But still, if you want to send Vamsi a message, text me “Tell Vamsi: <your message>” and I will send that message along!

Soon, I plan to help him be more grateful and express gratitude. If you have ideas on other things I can do, I’d love to hear. Just text me!